Thursday, December 11, 2008


spit outside April
always alone
puddles eeking across sidewalks
landmines from God
fuck it
fuck you
fuck slipping up
fuck falling down
if it looks like rain and it smells like rain it's shit

the stained-glass windows are cracking
the bugs are humming
goofballing in my face
black gums
bloody eye
a sandwich board of mediocrity
April hanging saliva off my lips
sweet vermouth and bourbon
r o l l i n g
down my chin
it's too easy to fall
to fake it
to hear the church bells when you're trying to go deaf
already walking blind
it's too easy with knees creaking floorboards
them trying to sneak back into the bedroom
where it's warm and the mirrors cobwebbed forgotten
stashed under concrete pillows
stale air nicotine sweat and grease fingerprints along the walls
that can't wash clean

April gets wet without washing anything away
little filth rivers dead leaves candy wrappers
humidity clogs the throat
it's too easy to choke in your sleep
to choke in your dreams
to suffocate while waking
limp-dicked and
nothing changes

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