Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America Headed Nowhere, Palin is Bridge to Get Us There

2005 - Congress passes the 2006 National Department of Transportation Appropriations Bill, which includes $442 million dollars earmarked to build the infamous "Bridge(s) to Nowhere"

2006 - Sarah Palin runs for governor of Alaska on a "build-the-bridge" platform, telling residents of Ketchikan she felt their pain when politicians called them "nowhere".

2007 - (August) Arizona Senator John McCain blames congress for a horrific bridge collapse in Minneapolis, citing pork-barrel spending on wasteful projects as a cause for lack of inspections and maintenance.

2007 - (September) Governor Sarah Palin cancels construction on one of the two bridges. Alaska keeps the $442 million dollars and uses some of the money to build a new road in the place to proposed bridge would have gone. Palin maintains her support for funding for the second bridge.

2008 - John McCain chooses Sarah Palin to run as his Vice President. In both her induction speech she claims to have "told the Congress 'thanks, but no thanks' for that Bridge to Nowhere".

Check out this great video montage put together by Hardball.

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