Saturday, August 16, 2008


every thought i have gets
black-boxed so just
go ahead and

i'm elliptical
drunk on moonshine light glowing
before you stop
yr doing
b r e a t h e
cancel remarks, abstain-
bad sex bad sex bad sex

tinker with machines long enough
and they'll blow
quack and cover
puritan bombs exploding
bemoaning belittling bewitching
just bitching
the fire is going out and with it the (inner)light
i cannot wield this pen(is) without comparison
to dead language dead men dead laws dead ideology
putting a hand over my mouth
and a bleep in my speach

my dotdotdots lay stagnant
as i watch a zombie christ parade down michigan avenue
and nobody says anything (worth saying)
i've given up rather be
in bed
late nights planning out later breakfasts
a she and a mattress making a sandwich of me
all ham&cheese
and saving some for the poor
in hell (just down the street)

ink can't scratch out spoken word
and i've no podium
if ignorance is bliss then
instant gratification is patriotism
so just jot me down for another dotdotdot
and don't tell me twice
because i've heard it all before

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