Thursday, May 15, 2008


Reading on a hardwood floor
Imagining picnics
And pottery
Sipping whiskey
She looked up at him
Through junk eyes and posed
Absurd questions

He was so drunk
He thought it was cute
Borders melting into Monet-looking mess

Puddles of brain juice jiggled
She bragged about
Silly indiscretions
He couldn’t focus so he smiled
Bitter like soy sauce on chapped

She leaned in to kiss him and almost
He only noticed that she had tried and
Pressed his mouth to her neck
Like wax fingerprints
On text books

He thought the kiss was as empty as old newspaper boxes
Blurry shoes with no feet

She said unsure things and confused language with math
But it was honest
He thought that
All things considered
This wasn’t enough

His clammy hands ran past the moment
Into his pockets
He fumbled for his lighter thinking
This was as good as it would get
Sober or not
Lit a cigarette and his vision cleared up a bit
Her eyes sunk and bloody
Her skin hollow
All of it lacking

Note: This poem can be read in Kill Poet magazine.

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